EU Migration Agencies: The Operation and Cooperation of FRONTEX, EASO and EUROPOL

David Fernandez-Rojo |


This insightful book analyzes the evolution of the operational tasks and cooperation of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (FRONTEX), the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) and the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (EUROPOL). Exploring the recent expansion of the legal mandates of these decentralized EU agencies and the activities they undertake in practice, David Fernández-Rojo offers a critical assessment of the EU migration agencies. 

The book identifies two key trends in the administration of the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. Fernández-Rojo discusses how on one hand the new legal frameworks of FRONTEX, EASO and EUROPOL stress that their operational roles are limited to providing national authorities with technical assistance, while on the other hand these agencies are increasingly involved in guaranteeing the enforcement of EU migration, asylum and border management measures. The book expertly illustrates how FRONTEX, EASO and EUROPOL establish an effective and uniform national implementation of laws and policies, with a focus on their multilateral cooperation in the hotspots established in the aftermath of the refugee crisis.

Examining the de jure and de facto operational powers and cooperation of EU migration agencies, this book will be critical reading for academics and students of law, international relations and political science. Its assessment of the effectiveness of policy implementation will also be beneficial for legal practitioners, policy makers and NGOs.

Critical Acclaim

‘In this detailed and precise guide, the author traces how Europe’s border, police, and asylum agencies are evolving in an interactive system of governance. EU Migration Agencies maps out lines of authority, pathways of power, and unexpected feedback loops.’
– David Scott FitzGerald, University of California, San Diego, US

‘David Fernández-Rojo has produced an excellent and invaluable book on a topic of great importance and complexity, namely the evolution of the operational tasks and cooperation of three key agencies in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: FRONTEX, EASO and EUROPOL. His comparative analysis offers crucial insights to understand central aspects for the future of the European Union such as the Schengen area, the Common European Asylum System or the so-called hotspots.’
– Diego Acosta, University of Bristol, UK


1. Introduction to Frontex, EASO and Europol as Operational Decentralized Agencies 2. The Establishment and Initial Operational Role of Frontex, EASO and Europol 3. The Reinforced Operational Tasks of Frontex, EASO and Europol and the Impact of their Activities on the Ground 4. Bilateral and Multilateral Operational Cooperation among Frontex, EASO and Europol 5. Limitations to the Reinforced Operational Tasks and Cooperation of Frontex, EASO and Europol 6. Conclusions and Perspectives: An Integrated Administration of Border Management, Migration and Asylum Matters in the EU Bibliography Index